Thank you Lorraine for helping me get to grips with my mixed up sub-conscious. I feel far more focussed and at ease with myself...
Barbara, Leatherhead
There is something utterly engaging about Lorraine. She inspires confidence and her warmth makes one feel safe and welcome. She is a passionate EFT practitioner and through EFT she is able to help clients address, heal and find their way forward from the traumas they felt have held them captive.
E.O.R, United States
Since our first meeting I have been feeling great, a kind of light feeling has been released within me.. Can't wait for our second meeting
M.B., London
She engages the audience and inspires. I can recommend Lorraine as a speaker, coach and spiritual inspiration.
J.B., Surrey
...Her expertise and compassionate manner gives her an edge on other EFT/Matrix Reimprinting specialists, because she uses her life coaching skills in conjunction with these tools to give a rounded out result that you can identify.
B.E, Surrey
She (Lorraine) has this unique ability to get to the point and the real issue in a creative and inspirational way. She is a very positive person and seeks the best in you and sees through your limiting beliefs...
K.C, Middle East
Thank you Lorraine for all of your help with my mother-in-law. It has made life so much easier and happier for me...
J.A., Kuwait
I am a sixteen year old who was experiencing some problems in my life and sought professional help, Lorraine was recommended to me through my school Senco..She really understood how I felt and helped me understand the impact of my behaviour on others...she was very easy to talk to...I knew everything we spoke about was confidential. I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to any youngster like me..
A.A, Bahrain
Lorraine helped me rekindle my passion for exercise again, my desire for full breath and to feel alive again...
R.G., Bahrain
I never realised that I had a belief that was stopping me have a proper relationship, no wonder I always messed things up before..But no more!

With Lorraine's unique ability to delve into the layers of my life ( In a nice way) she uncovered startling negative beliefs I didn’t realise that I carried around with me. I feel liberated.
S.B., Surrey
My mum suggested I see Lorraine, as I wasn’t getting on at school very well especially with friends that turned nasty. I was afraid to go to school and turn on my phone. Lorraine was so nice and understood me, which made a change. We did this tapping routine called EFT, which was strange at first, but it was amazing how calm I felt after. I could breathe.

We also went to meet my younger self in something called the Matrix. That was really cool. I feel so confident and can easily stand up to nasty people at school now. Everyone should go to see Lorraine :)
D.M., Surrey
Lorraine, your presence in my life when I was lost and heart broken had a profound impact on my personality. Now I can see it clearly that I have grown because or our sessions...
T.A., Bahrain
..Amazing deep sense of calm..
C.D., Surrey
Its so fun I would come every day
J.H. (Age 8), Surrey
Lorraine has such a calm and relaxing manner...
L.M., Surrey
I've learnt how to calm myself down and realise its my life.
A.D., Surrey
I will not rage anymore, I will go to my room and tap.
M.D. (age 11), Surrey