evolveandaspire...to recover

Helping and inspiring men, particularly ex and current footballers and sportsmen, who have destructive behaviours, relationship and performance issues, addictions, depression and anxiety, live a new life on purpose and identifying root causes for self sabotage and re-occurring injury.


Imagine being able to find the beliefs that prevent you from being the best footballer you can be...

Picture this...

As an aspiring footballer, you, or your coach has noticed that every time you miss a shot on target or mis-read the ball, you get angry. 

What if, as a very young child, an event happened causing you to believe that 'you always mess up' What if even the people that cared for you inadvertently solidified that belief by shouting at you, grounding you, sending you to your room?

What if, some time later, another event happened and you made a mistake. The belief of 'I always mess up' rears its ugly head and the belief solidifies. It starts to become part of you even though you might not realise it. 

So then, what if, as a young hungry footballer, you are on your way to becoming all that you dreamed to be. You are in a training session with your club, it's penalty or shooting practice, it's your turn, you've done this before, no problem..But you don't quite get the angle right, you mis-place your foot, its an embarrassing miss. Your team mates laugh, roll their eyes, make fun of you and the coach mumbles something. 

That belief, that underlying self sabotaging belief of 'I always mess up' rings in your ears. 

You get angry, swear, hate yourself, doubt yourself and your ability. And for the remaining session you stay safe, no risk taking, just in case...

...But, WHAT IF, those underlying beliefs could be found and transformed? What if they could be reversed? What if, even though the event couldn't be changed, your beliefs about yourself and the world could be?

What if you could transform your past and rewrite your future? And be in charge from this moment on.. 


evolveandaspire...to recover 

...does just that!

Using powerful combinations of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Improvements to you and your performance can be made:

  • Helping you shoot better and improving your accuracy
  • Being confident about yourself and your abilities as an aspiring footballer
  • Dealing with big match pressure
  • Handling press effectively
  • Gel better with your team
  • Prevent injury and identifying root causes for reoccuring injury
  • Health/Weight and Self image
  • Quick and effective ways to handle stress
  • Handling the daunting prospect of retirement and the next step
  • Family issues
  • Addictions and cravings


Contact 'evolveandaspire.. to recover' via the contacts page, the mobile link or connect with me on Linkedin, to see where I can help you as an individual footballer or to help your team as a whole. 



In addition to private clients, Lorraine also works LIFE AFTER SPORT (www.LIFEAFTERSPORT.co.uk) a company passionate about providing support to professional sportsmen and women who have come to the, sometimes painful end, of their triumphant careers.

LIFE AFTER SPORT is, as the name suggests, an inspiring company, that provides support, education via talks and presentations, counselling, direction and guidance for professional sportsmen and women.

Owner Nigel Smith has this to say;

"As a professional sports person, whatever level of success you reach, at some point 'reality' bites and although you are in a position many dream of being in, you also have a far shorter career life span. However, there will always be LIFE AFTER SPORT... 

You have reached your retirement age at a far younger age than people in other walks of life. You still have the possibility of a long and successful career in the coming years. You also have the advantage over many others, in that you have instilled within you a 'winning mentality' and a 'real sense of the value of teamwork'... traits highly prized in the world of business.

Life after sport can be a difficult ordeal, hitting hard both mentally and emotionally. The experience can be personally traumatic and confidence takes a blow. Our career counselling service partner PULSE will not only build confidence back up again by helping you to realise the knowledge, talent, experience and abilities you have at your disposal, but also show you the very positive opportunities now open to you and how to best take advantage of them. They can also help you plan during your existing career so the transition to LIFE AFTER SPORT is proactive and planned rather than reactive and not thought through properly, so that unlike many where this service didn’t exist, they are in jobs they survive in rather than careers they again flourish in and enjoy…"

VISIT www.LIFEAFTERSPORT.co.uk for further details.

The collaboration with evolveandaspire...to recover and LIFE AFTER SPORT is a new and exciting one. Watch this space for further development.


Private sessions are conducted by appointment in Surrey or at a preferred location. Skype and telephone sessions are also available.