evolveandaspire...to inspire

Creating a supportive environment for teenagers and young adults to explore their past, clear negative beliefs that do not serve them and rewriting and reimprinting new positive beliefs in its place, creating a new platform for change.

  • Are you been physically or cyber bullied?
  • Do you find the pressure to look a certain way is too much?
  • Do you feel you just don't fit in?
  • If you could live your life over again, what person or event would you prefer to skip?
  • If you knew how, is there something you would want to change?
  • Would you like to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed?
  • Do you hate your reflection and the way your body looks?
  • Do you ever feel like harming yourself?
  • Do you worry about what other people think of you?

evolveandaspire...to inspire, passionately believes that every teenager or young adult has the right to live a life of positivity, hope, inspiration and to be wholly accepted for who they are, regardless of their sex, appearance, religious beliefs, ethnic origin and personal circumstances.

Sometimes life is incredibly hard, your hormones are running riot, your moods are swinging and it seems like no-one listens or understands. Who to turn to? Do you have supportive parents or do you want them to get off your back?

evolveandaspire...to inspire, looks at helping teenagers like you, tackle exam stress, lack of confidence, self esteem, self belief and the beliefs you have made about the world. Encouraging you to not only be aware of your self limiting beliefs, but bravely looking at them square in the face, clearing them, identifying beliefs made at that time and rewriting them so that your life becomes a fabulous place to live. By working on these areas and teaching you techniques to take control of your childhood traumas, overcome fears and everyday stresses, you will feel confident enough to aspire to greater heights, whilst understanding how you will get there. As you carry forward your newly learnt skills, you are personally armed with the tools you need to become the person you want to be, rather than the person that you are expected to become. You can be at your best every day, embracing your true essence.

Private sessions are conducted by appointment in Old Woking (Surrey). Skype and telephone sessions are also available.

I am a sixteen year old who was experiencing some problems in my life and sought professional help, Lorraine was recommended to me through my school Senco..She really understood how I felt and helped me understand the impact of my behaviour on others...she was very easy to talk to...I knew everything we spoke about was confidential. I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to any youngster like me..A.A, Bahrain

My mum suggested I see Lorraine, as I wasn’t getting on at school very well especially with friends that turned nasty. I was afraid to go to school and turn on my phone. Lorraine was so nice and understood me, which made a change. We did this tapping routine called EFT, which was strange at first, but it was amazing how calm I felt after. I could breathe. We also went to meet my younger self in something called the Matrix. That was really cool. I feel so confident and can easily stand up to nasty people at school now. Everyone should go to see Lorraine :)

D.M., Surrey